Website Design

We believe that a website is your online real estate. It is your home, a place to bring people in to feel who you are.

It’s a piece of art, designed to let people understand your mission and purpose.

It gives them the feeling of exactly the transformation you offer them. Each color, photo, expression, font, word taking them on a journey to the destination they desire. Less is more. Quality over quantity. Letting your expertise + content speak for itself.

We channel your design based on questions we ask you, getting to know you, your past, your present and future…we curate this space as a home for you + your ohana (family).

Our website design services include 3 pages: home page, about and contact pages.

These include 500 words on each and 45 minutes of target market research.

We pull your colors, vibes, design and create a mood board for you on our 2 hour consultation call.

We create 3 custom graphics for you and integrate 10 keywords for SEO.

This includes titles, descriptions and copywriting based on information we collect on our call.

We have a turnaround of 1 week from consultation call and then give you two revisions.

You can expect to have everything finished within one month maximum.

A mermaid, in pure devotion to kai, the ocean & the people she is here to serve.

Swim to the depths of your soul & you become who you truly are…the essence of love 💗

Having a personal brand takes thick skin, strength + courage. I am here to show you that you got this, no matter what.

© 2022 Margie Pargie

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