Social Media Management

Social media creation is like throwing paint on the canvas for me. This is where people get to see what you are all about, learn from you and try out your vibe for free.

The timeless strategy we use is to align your content pillars to your core values. We do lots of exercises to get clear on the heartbeat of your business.

We curate brand statements, headlines, captions, hashtags and photo/video content that is all easily recognizable as your brand.

We set trends.

We recycle content to save you time.

After all, marketing is just repeating the same things you are passionate about over and over and leading people to your door (the buy button).

Each month, we start with a strategy call to create the foundation.

We give you a social media audit to determine where you are, what is popular and how we can improve your channel.

We decide on a profile photo, bio, theme, editorial calendar and launch strategy.

We then create 10 posts for 1 social media channel per month.

Each post includes a photo or reel edit less than 1 minute (you provide the picture or video).

We give you a worksheet to give us an outline of the content and we write the copy of up to 200 words each. (Posts vary through out the month depending on the goal of each post….engagement, sales, launches, etc)

You will have access to us for support, through text with 48 hours on business days to get back to you.

Each month, we provide a detailed monthly report and analysis to find what is working & prepare for the next month.

This works on a retainer and is billed monthly or all up front for a minimum of 6 months.

Option to add other social media channels + more posts.

A mermaid, in pure devotion to kai, the ocean & the people she is here to serve.

Swim to the depths of your soul & you become who you truly are…the essence of love 💗

Having a personal brand takes thick skin, strength + courage. I am here to show you that you got this, no matter what.

© 2022 Margie Pargie

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