Paid Ads

I think ads are a great way to reach more people & get your brand seen once you are already established in your industry.

This isn’t a question of one or the other with organic marketing.

This isn’t a one and done, make money in your sleep pyramid scheme.

This is a strategy to use on top of organic marketing to go bigger.

Think of this as another social media platform to add on.

AND be able to somewhat control the amount of people that see your ad. Rather than sometimes feeling like your organic marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the cabinet then it not actually being soft enough to stick yet.

Ads go up and then level off.

You’ll need to keep creating new ads for new sales as you go.

Business is a rollercoaster to ride its ups and downs. Once you fall in love with the process of marketing and sales, you’ll make more money with ease.

I’m excited to help you do that.

We set up paid ads for each of your landing pages.

#1 Freebie landing page is created for your cold audience to attract new followers.

#2 Paid landing page is created for your warm audience to buy your services.

We start small with your budget to test the ads.

We let the ads run for 2 weeks and once we see it converting, we use the money from the sales to re-invest into the ads.

Starting at $1k per month.

A mermaid, in pure devotion to kai, the ocean & the people she is here to serve.

Swim to the depths of your soul & you become who you truly are…the essence of love 💗

Having a personal brand takes thick skin, strength + courage. I am here to show you that you got this, no matter what.

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