Funnel Design

A funnel takes clients on an adventure with you. Just like every relationship requires baby steps to getting to know someone, so does a funnel.

You don’t want to overwhelm your clients right off the bat…but easing them into working with you. A little bit at a time.

Giving people gifts and offerings that help them get to know, like and trust you.

After 15 years of trying and testing different strategies, we design a funnel that works for YOU, your lifestyle, your business and your sales process that feels amazing. Offering true value to your family…not dangling carrots or using funnels as click baits.

We actually will not make JUST anyone a funnel….we do a survey to make sure you are ready for one and that it is a smart next step for you.

Our funnel design and landing page services include a 2 hour consultation call where we talk about a scaling strategy unique for you and your business.

We create 2 landing pages- one that is free and one that is paid to your audience. (Example: a freebie and a course page) We optimize it for desktop and mobile.

We create a project task list, do 45 minutes of target market research, set up a CRM with an automated follow up email for each landing page and create 2 custom graphics.

You will receive two revisions and a system for tracking your conversions.

You can expect to have your funnel set up within one month maximum.

A mermaid, in pure devotion to kai, the ocean & the people she is here to serve.

Swim to the depths of your soul & you become who you truly are…the essence of love 💗

Having a personal brand takes thick skin, strength + courage. I am here to show you that you got this, no matter what.

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