Email Marketing

Email marketing is like the family check in for the week. Or the follow up check ins to make sure you are following through with the gift you are giving your community.

If you are creating evergreen launches, live launches or want to keep your community engaged daily to create real change in their life, this is for you.

Something no one ever taught me in online marketing was how to truly speak from my soul, to share what’s burned on my heart and keep my family updated through all my twists and turns.

This is something i can help you build more courage to do that will create lasting relationships.

The kind that aren’t one way and parasocial. But TRULY, friends who show up at the airport to give you a ride in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language.

The kind that give you a place to stay and warm hearted conversation til 2am when you are passing through on tour.

The kind that feel like a sister collaboration and blow up each other’s brands for years.

We don’t just help you create your business, we help you create a movement and a global family.

We are passionate about email marketing and available to create email newsletters and email sequences to add onto your funnels.

Emails are 100-200 words each.

You will receive instructions to track your analytics of email open rates and conversions.

$100 per email

A mermaid, in pure devotion to kai, the ocean & the people she is here to serve.

Swim to the depths of your soul & you become who you truly are…the essence of love 💗

Having a personal brand takes thick skin, strength + courage. I am here to show you that you got this, no matter what.

© 2022 Margie Pargie

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