be your most authentic self + splatter your art into the world

Performance Artist taking the audience on a journey to heal their inner child ✧

✧ Creator of the world-renowned dance modality, Aerial Yoga Goddess

🕊️ Scaling Strategist for the wild iconic ones to E X P A N D their brand online 🌸

Featured in…

S C A L I N G Strategy 🌸

Are you ready to get clear on what you need to live your authentic lifestyle while growing your business?

We help you understand what you are the expert in, how to hone in on your deepest gifts and let go of everything else in the way.

We help you create a business and marketing plan that serves more people. A scale-able business model that doesn’t leave you fried, over-extended and exhausted.

There is a lot of manipulative, sleazy, tempting ways of doing business that are working in the industry but leave people feeling disconnected from their deepest core values.

Ultimately, this leads to burnout + exhaustion.

Business gets to be an extension of who you are, what you stand for and bring you deep fulfillment.

I will help you find a strategy that works for you and makes long-term sustainable profits that benefit you, your community and the world.

We start with a questionairre, then we do a 90 minute session.

$297 per call


A 90 day group coaching experience to align to your most authentic self, activate your business and creatively design your social media content so you can explode your reach and have fun selling your services.

Each day, you have an opportunity to reach thousands of people who NEED your services. Let's start connecting with them...every single day.

Aerial Yoga Goddess

The course to have fun, feel/look amazing in your skin and take your practice to the next level.

Get shredded in 28 days with us.

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We are always looking for inspiring brands, artists, and products to make creative marketing content for. Margie Pargie’s skills range from aerial arts, fire dance, spoken word, advanced photo/video editing and authentic writing. If you are looking for an out of the box way to get your business seen by more ideal customers…apply below to see if we are a good fit.